Frequently asked questions

Is it easy to communicate when wearing the mask?

Yes! The mask has been designed to sit firmly and comfortably on your face without touching your lips avoiding muffling your voice and irritating your mouth. It is important to note that the Aviator Mask fits snuggly over your nose, mouth and chin. It is very comfortable and sits firmly whilst talking therefore preventing 'Fiddling' often associated with fabric and disposable masks which can cause accidental contamination.

Is it easy to breathe in?

Completely. The mask was designed for active people. If you feel like you would like a slightly higher air flow, a set of 1 - ply filters is provided with the mask and can be swapped out in a matter of seconds. These filters are usually used when exercising and make breathing a breeze.

How is it kept clean?

Firstly the Aviator is designed to remain on your person the entire day avoiding contact with other potentially infected surfaces. The mask is either being worn on your face or easily hanging around your neck out of the way. If you feel that the mask is in need of a clean, you can very easily wipe it down with sanitizer 'On The Go', inside and out, anytime, anywhere or replace the filters and continue with your day in a a matter of minutes with a completely clean mask. For a thorough clean, the mask can be deconstructed in seconds and all component parts washed in warm soapy water. The whole process including cleaning or replacing filters can be done in under five minutes and the newly sanitised mask is ready for continued use.

The Filters?

There are three FILTER PODS. Each POD holds three FILTER DISCS. The FILTER PODS are fsecured in the mask by using a tight rubber seal. The FILTER DISCS can be removed and replaced with fresh ones in seconds. The filters can be washed in warm soapy water, rinsed and dried using paper towel or with an iron press. Spare filters are provided when purchasing the masks and are always readily available if required. The Filter System is a two-way system ie; filtration works whilst inhaling and exhaling. We do not use one way valves. The filter discs have been designed to prevent 95% of expelled droplets to protect those around you.

Payment Options

Do You Supply Trade?

Yes we do. The prices listed are Retail Prices. We offer very favourable discounts on the retail prices listed depending on quantities ordered. For Corporates and Organisations please telephone 021 531 5919 or 082 557 1154 for our trade terms, minimum quantities and prices.

Can The Mask Be Branded

Yes but branding is subject to a minimum order. There are various options available. For Corporates and large organisations requiring branding please contact us for a quotation. Telephone 021 531 5919 or 082 557 1154 or email

I Wear Specs. Does the Aviator cause Misting / Fogging?

We have developed a unique 'Anti Mist Shield'. Made from soft, comfortable rubber, the anti mist shield fits snuggly over the nose. This STOPS your specs from misting / fogging. This is one of the premium features of the Aviator Mask - It REALLY DOES WORK. Also, no metal wire is used which is good for the envirnoment.

Is the Aviator Environmentally Friendly?

The Aviator Mask is made from ABS plastic. ABS is recyclable. In fact, 80% of ABS is made from ABS. Due to its unique design, unlike fabric and disposable mask, the Aviator Mask is the only mask you need. Just one mask will last you forever instead of purchasing multiple masks. The Aviator can be kept for future Pandemics rather than disposal. Fabric and Disposable masks are causing harm to our environment as they are disposed of by the Millions / Billions into landfills and ultimately finding their way into our oceans.