Easy to use – Easy & quick to Clean – Very Comfortable.



The innovative 3D formed design maximises air flow making the mask comfy to wear and easy for talking. The design prevents the mask from slipping down the face. For those that wear glasses, the Aviator features a unique ‘ANTI MISTING SHIELD’ to prevent misting. The Aviator can be sanitised 'On The Go' anytime, anywhere making it ultra-Hygienic. One size fits all ( teenagers to adults ) with adjustable strap for added comfort.

With the Aviator you only need one mask. Unlike DIY fabric masks where you need at least two to wear alternatively whilst one is being washed. The Aviator can be worn outside in rainy weather and then dried instantly. No need to spend the day in a wet soggy face mask. It can be sanitised immediately and filters replaced in a few minutes.


The '3 Filter Pods' allow for maximum airflow and filter both inhaled and exhaled air. One Way Valves which allow exhaled air not to be filtered ( rendering the purpose of a mask useless ) ARE NOT USED in the Aviator Mask.

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Protection & Convenience.

South Africans have been asked to not use medical-grade masks, especially N95 masks and respirators, which should be reserved for medical use. However, wearing a face mask when in public is now mandatory, and will remain so until SA believes it has SARS-CoV-2 under control. Aviator has been designed as an alternative to disposable surgical and Fabric Face masks. The Aviator represents significant cost savings as it is the only mask you need. No more replacing masks daily, weekly or monthly. Made from recyclable materials, the Aviator is Eco-Friendly helping to prevent an overload of contaminated fabric masks at refuge sites.  



The Avaitor mask, as with fabric masks, is not intended to prevent wearers from catching the novel coronavirus. Instead it is hoped pervasive use will stop asymptomatic carriers from inadvertently spreading the virus. Putting the mask on is so simple and it can be removed without touching it. When not in use, the masks hangs around the neck preventing the need to put it down, preventing possible accidental contamination.

The Aviator IS NOT an N95 mask nor respirator


Maximum User Comfort, durable & re-usable.


Moulded to fit face and around nose - no metal nose clip required


Easy to clean & sanitise ( in under 5 minutes ).


All round soft Rubber seal for comfort and to reduce leakage.


Shaped nose / bridge helps to prevent misting up on glasses.


Adjustable elastic strap secures mask to head without creating uncomfortable pressure points.


Easy to Clean & Replace 3 layer filtration (comparable to 3 layer Fabric Mask).


Moulded design increases breathing cavity with more air flow.


Design prevents the mask from slipping down face making it easier to talk without exposing nose and mouth.


Water resistant - ideal for those having to work outdoors in the rain or travel to work using public transport.


Affordable with simple a quick filter replacement.


Individually packaged to avoid contamination.


Disc template included to cut filters from suitable household fabrics.


Optional branding


Optional Name Tag